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If you’ve ever felt the burn in your shoulders from painting a ceiling or spent hours upon hours sanding window frames you’ll know, sometimes these jobs are best left to the professionals!

For any of those small painting jobs, we’re the trusted professionals you should call. From doors to ceilings, windows, other wood work, feature walls and hallways, no job is too big or too small. Our experienced and trusted team will help you get it done quickly without the hassle so call in the experts.

Why Choose Rochele for Small Interior Painting Jobs?

As an Australian owned, family painting company, we’ve seen our fair share of odd jobs. We’ve also built an exceptional team of tradespeople who have the right skills for any task.

When choosing Rochele, you’re choosing a team that knows:

We Specialise in All Aspects of Interior Painting

Miscellaneous Interior Painting Jobs

  • No two jobs are the same – Every project is different. We’ll work with you to make sure your individual needs are being met to the highest standard
  • You want a comprehensive quote – With those odd indoor painting jobs often comes unexpected costs. We provide a comprehensive and itemised quote that includes proper preparation so you’re not hit with an inflated invoice at the end of the job.
  • Quality tools are essential – When it comes to painting decorative woodwork, ceilings or doors, we have the right tools for a perfect finish
  • Perfection comes with the details – With any type of painting but especially miscellaneous jobs, paying attention to all the details is essential for an exceptional finish
  • Your house is a home – Just because all your doors need painting, doesn’t mean you don’t need your privacy. We’ll work with you so you can go about your life while we see to the painting

Our Painting Process

When we visit your home to chat to you about what type of other indoor painting job you need done, we’ll also discuss the process. While the steps we take will depend on the type of job we’re doing you can expect us to:

  • Protect your furniture, fixtures and fittings – We move furniture out of the walls we’re painting. We will cover and tape anything that can’t be moved to prevent accidental spillage and any damage to your belongings.
  • Complete preparation – Failing to prepare surfaces properly for painting is the number one cause of paint failure. Our team carefully plasters, sands, strips and washes surfaces to ensure a smooth, long-lasting finish.
  • Use of quality paints – We only use the best, most-trusted brands of paints and will let you choose your preferred type and brand of paint
  • Pay attention to the details – It’s the attention to the finer details that differentiates a good painting job from the best and we know it
  • Clean up – Our job is only complete once we’ve removed the tape, disposed of rubbish and refitted any electrical fittings

Quality Inspection

While all our work is overseen by a QBCC licensed supervisor, they’ll also complete a quality inspection upon completion of the job. We’ll also get you to have a look at what we’ve done and ask for any touch ups to be made before we sign the job off as complete. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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