We paint all types of homes

Our painters span across South East Queensland, from the Tweed to Brisbane all the way up to Tewantin. Our experience lies in a large variety of homes from the classic Queenslander to the ultra modern. Our specialties also include a variety of different interiors and exteriors.

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interior house painter painting the front door

Queensland's best interior house painters

Our professional interior house painters are highly skilled and experienced in making your home look like new. Maybe it is a simple touch up you need done or the entire interior painted; with the help of our colour consulting service, our professional residential house painters will have your property transformed with prompt service, quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing. Interior house painting is something that can completely refresh your property.

A colour change can make you feel like you are living in a totally new home or a colour match can give that clean crisp feel. It’s important to love where you live and an interior house paint can achieve just that. Our interior house painters treat your home like their own so feel comfortable knowing you have left your property in the hands of a professional with Rochele.

Paddington House Painting Results

Experienced local exterior house painters

Exterior house painting is something that can totally transform a property. You can turn your home into a castle with a fresh coat of paint. Our experienced and reliable exterior house painters can assist you in transforming your home into the property you always wanted.

We offer a colour consulting service to help you in your decision-making process or maybe you wish to colour match to your existing colour. Let us do all the hard work and watch as your property transforms in front of your eyes.

Our exterior house painters have been servicing South East Queensland for over four decades and are the trusted choice when it comes to exterior house painting. We paint all residential properties from the famous Queenslanders all the way to low set brick homes. Our competencies are not limited to or pigeonholed to one style. We treat your property like it is our own so you can feel confident in knowing the Rochele will have your exterior house painting completed with professionalism.

We’re here to revitalise your
property every step of the way.

  • First Step - Book Quote

    Get a free quote

    Simply contact our office via phone, email or our online booking system on our website to book your free quote.

    Our highly experienced estimator will either meet you onsite or be directed by you remotely on the areas you want quoted.

    You will receive a real time quote the same day that you can then decide on how to proceed.

    We help you to:

    • Identify any additional areas you may of missed
    • Share our experience and knowledge of products, techniques and problematic areas.
  • Second Step - Accept Quote

    Choose the right painters who care about your house

    With our online platform ROCO accepting your quote has never been easier. Simply tick the items you wish to accept, sign off and away we go. Your preferred start date is important to us and we will endeavour to stick to it as best we can.

    Talk to Us

    We help you to:

    • Decide on colours with our colour consulting service which we offer
    • Prepare for your painting job by helping you understand what needs to be done
    • Feel confident in your decision in choosing Rochel
  • Third Step - Your Painters Arrive

    Welcome Our Painters

    Our prompt and professional painters will arrive at your property ready to start your job. Have a chat with them to decide on how you wish to have them work around you if you are remaining at the property or they will let you know their game plan if the property is vacant

    We help you to:

    • Manage the job by providing a designated Rochele project manager
    • Keep up to date with the progress of your job through our customised online system ROCO
    • Enjoy the process of having your real estate property transformed
  • Agreements & Contracts

    Formalising the contract

    When accepting the quote you will sign a contract if the quote is over contract price ($3,300). A 10% deposit will be required prior to commencement or if the job is over $20,000 then a 5% deposit will be required. Then progress payments and a final claim will make up the rest of the required contractual payments.

  • Latest Technology

    Rochele Online Customer Offering (R.O.C.O)

    R.O.C.O. is our state-of-the-art technological system which allows our customers to always be in the know about the status of their project. 

    Here’s why you are going to love R.O.C.O. as much as our other customers do:

    Online bookings

    Log in as a customer to our easy-to-use system and you can book a quote/appointment at the click of a button. You’ll be issued with convenient reminders so that — no matter how busy or preoccupied you get — you’re always informed about your upcoming appointment(s) with Rochele. 


    After you make your booking you will be automatically assigned an estimator. Our team member can conduct an inspection with you either at your premises or remotely (via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc). It all depends on what suits you best. 

    Our estimator will be able to build your quote using our accompanying iPad application. Upon inspection, you will be provided with clear and comprehensive digital paperwork within just minutes! You’ll be able to view, consider and potentially sign-off on the quote entirely at your convenience. 

    Project timeline 

    Once you approve a quote/a job is accepted, you’ll be afforded access to a real-time project timeline. This lets us keep track of progress and allows you to view all events as they occur — 100% simultaneously. 

    Using an iPad, our supervisors will input data and other relevant information which feeds into a timeline which is fully visible to you. This includes key milestones, inspection notes, site visit details and even photos of your project as it unfolds. 

    Feedback portal 

    Because R.O.C.O. creates a level of transparency that’s virtually unheard of, our team is able to work on your feedback immediately. You let us know the moment you have feedback and we will action it and adjust things accordingly. 

    You can write us a note or use our happy/sad face buttons to indicate your feedback. It’s all a part of our company motto to be as “prompt & professional” (and affordable) as possible!

  • Painting Project Completion

    Happy Customers

    As we complete the project, we make sure you’re satisfied until we leave your home.