Trending house colours

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When it comes to home design, what is it that makes the most immediate and critical impact? If the use of exterior and interior house paint colours springs to mind, that’s probably due to the science of colour theory.

Simply put, different forms of colour can make people feel various different things, such as comforted, warm, relaxed etc. On the other side of the spectrum, other shades and tones can make you feel more alert, energised, and sometimes even hostile. Analysing the many effects of colour is a big part of our job here at Rochele Painting.

So when the topic of trendy house colours invariably arises we’d like you to consider a proviso: that’s not to be swept away by a passing fad. We don’t mean that you can’t get excited about all those stunning colour palettes (we say go right ahead), but we do advise that you consider exactly how they will fit in your home environment.

With that said, let’s dive into what’s happening right now in the world of house paint colours!


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Trending interior house painting colours

The inside of your home is usually where you spend the majority of your time unwinding from the daily-grind, so it’s really important that your interior colour scheme looks and feels inherently comfortable. But it’s also likely you’ll want something that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle. To want to express yourself is to be human, after all!

Dulux has some fabulous pointers on what’s trending at the moment in house colours with their 2021 colour forecast. Taking a dash of inspiration from these guys, we’ve put our own spin on things — based on some of our top client preferences from our project portfolio.
These are colour schemes which are nicely balanced between being widely adaptable and having that modish charm!

Return to Neutrals:

it’s all about those creamy yet earthy neutrals; working equally well in any setting: city, country or coastal. Less is more with a return to beautiful basics. Warm whites and sandy bluffs evoke a simple elegance. Paired with a touch of beechwood trim (you can use decor elements to similar effect), this versatile colour scheme is really something to come home to!

Kitchen painting residential sunshine coast interior painting


Cool Greens and Greys:

Refreshing and matching well with Qld’s subtropical climate, this winning palette can easily make your home feel like a sanctuary. Herbal and naturalistic tones sit perfectly with wooden floors, plantation shutters and areas that open up to a balmy air-flow. An abundance of interior plant life is the perfect finishing touch!

Residential Interior


Trending exterior house painting colours

While you might be tucked up indoors, the first thing that other people will notice about your property is its exterior. Street appeal is important for the overall look of your home, how it fits within your neighbourhood and also for resale purposes. An exterior paint job is your home’s equivalent of a face-lift!

You can check out the big difference a full house repaint can make in one of our project videos. Also, we’ve included some of our favourite colour schemes below, including one traditional choice and one which is a bit more stand-out.

Clean, Crisp Whites:

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint for the exterior of your property, especially when it’s in a clean shade of white. Consider allocating your brighter whites for use in highlighting trims and other architectural accents. A classical white exterior is just so timeless!

Gold Coast high rise painting Queenslander white exterior painting


Eclectic Elegance

Think a sophisticated spin on vintage. Bright blues take centre stage (try a feature wall); making outdoor living spaces feel bigger. Take your cues for the Bauhaus art movement of the 1920s but don’t be afraid to add your own unique flourishes. It’s the ideal blend of personality and heritage, for those who dance to the beat of their own drum.

Electric blue feature wall

We hope you have found something to inspire your next home upgrade in the above colour choices for both inside and outside your property!
Remember, Rochele Painting is always here to assist with our residential interior painting and exterior painting services. That’s amongst a host of other options to help you improve the look and feel of your home, such as plastering, house washing and more!

Plus, you can lean on our professional colour consultancy and interior decorating expertise, which can make selecting the perfect colour scheme and all those other elements a total breeze! 

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