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There’s nothing like a newly painted bathroom to freshen up your home. But, just because it’s a small room, doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. You need a quality job done right if you want your bathroom paint to be able to stand up to the constantly changing humidity levels. Luckily, in our 40+ years of painting bathrooms, we’ve learnt a few tricks that will help to prevent mould, blistering and flaking from ruining your freshly painted bathroom.

Instead of worrying about ventilation, we apply the right type of paint for wet areas and the right colour that will look great and maximise the space.

Why Choose Rochele for Your Bathroom Painting?

Whether you’re putting in a new bathroom or simply want to freshen up a tired and worn area, our team of experts know exactly what your bathroom needs to look great AND last for years to come.

Here at Rochele, we pride ourselves on being trusted by our clients because we know:

We Specialise in All Aspects of Interior Painting

Bathroom Painting

  • Your house is a home – If you don’t have a second bathroom you’re probably wondering how your bathroom can be painted when the kids still need to be bathed. We’ve done it all before so let our experience guide you in making your bathroom painting work around the rest of your life
  • The right colour matters – It can be tricky to find a bathroom paint colour you love that also maximises the space while being on trend and long-lasting. Our colour consultants will guide you through the process and can suggest practical colours to suit any decorating style
  • There’s no substitute for quality tools – You can’t expect a flawless finish if you don’t start with quality tools so we only use the highest quality sanders, brushes, rollers and paints
  • The details are vital – The bathroom is a fiddley area and mastering the details is the key to an excellent finish. We take care to remove knobs, handles and light switches and tape around your cabinets and fixtures for a perfect finish
  • You want friendly tradespeople – If it was our home we’d want professionals who are not only excellent at their jobs but are also nice, genuine and trustworthy people too. Our guys are both so you feel comfortable letting us into your home

Our Bathroom Painting Process

The high moisture in bathrooms mean that a poorly painted bathroom can crack, flake and go mouldy after just a few months. Here at Rochele, we follow a detailed plan to clean, prep and paint your bathroom for a superb and long-lasting finish.

Once we’ve agreed on a new look for your bathroom, our professional painting process includes:

  • Thorough cleaning – Whether you can see it or not, mould and mildew on your bathroom walls can prevent fresh paint from adhering. We thoroughly clean all bathroom surfaces before we start to prevent flaking
  • Protecting your cabinets, fixtures and fittings – We’ll remove what we can from your bathroom and cover cabinets, fixtures and fittings to prevent any spills or specks from ruining the final picture
  • Professional preparation – Sanding, priming and plastering any damaged spots is essential for a smooth and long-lasting finish. We’ve got qualified tradespeople to do it all
  • Quality paints – You’ll be able to choose from a range of quality paint brands while we make sure the type of paint we use in your bathroom is the right type to prevent water staining, mould build-up and make cleaning easy
  • Proper dry times – To prevent your new paint job from becoming soft and runny we’ll advise how long you should wait before using your new bathroom so the perfect finish stays that way

Your Freshly Painted Bathroom

Once we’ve finished painting your bathroom we’ll clean up and leave your home tidy. One of our QBCC licensed supervisors will conduct a quality inspection, make any touch ups if necessary and then walk you through your own inspection.

We’ll even leave you with a small pot of matching paint so you won’t have to try to remember what colour we used if you ever need it.

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