Affordable & Easy Unit Repaint Job | Video Review

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Interior Painting

Project Notes

Hear how mother of three tried to repaint her investment unit but soon found out it was cheaper and easier to get Rochele Painting to come and complete the job for her.

Video Transcript:

This is a rental property that I’ve got and it used to be a house that when we had our daughter and then we moved out of here into a bigger home when our second child came along.

We had tenants pretty consistently throughout the time that we had it, but the last 2 years when the tenant has vacated, we’ve had a real struggle getting new tenants in.

One day over coffee I decided that I was going to paint it because it was cheaper for me to do it, it was just a rental and I thought it didn’t have to be an amazing job, I just need to get it moving and I need to get it moving right now. So I just drove to Bunnings, bought some paint, came in with my roller and just got started. And then I realised what a tough job and a big job I’d actually taken on.

I got started on it and I did the kitchen and the lounge area just with an undercoat but I’ve got 3 young children and I was trying to do it in my spare time and it was just every second of my spare time, I was in here painting and I wasn’t even doing a very good job.

I just had the commitments to the children and the rest of my life outside of painting this bloody unit, so I decided that I would get some help in. I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

I’ve seen lots of advertising of Rochele around town and I had previously heard that our body corporate had got a quote from Rochele for painting the external façade of this building, so I decided to give them a call and see if they could quote for me and they came back with a quote that was more than fair and reasonable because I knew how much work goes into painting one of these things and it was way cheaper than my time standing here and painting it everyday.

I had better things to do and it was just far more cost effective for me to get them in, to get the professionals in to do a good job on it.

So when I came in when they had announced that they had finished, they contacted me and they kept me informed through the whole way through the project and then when they finished I came to have a look at it and I open that front door and I was just amazed.

I was going wow, this is a professional job.

This is so much better than the job I was doing and I just couldn’t believe it.

Rochele did an amazing job.