QLD Cottage Transformation & Customer Testimonial

Job Performed

Colour Consulting, Interior Painting & Exterior Painting

Project Notes

Alicia is a young newlywed that together with her husband purchased a rundown inner-city cottage. Their ambitious goal was to transform the cottage into a stylish family home. The couple succeeded in their goal and with some minor building work, some DIY landscaping and a professional paint job their house has been completely transformed. Before and after photographs can be seen in Portfolio.

Such an amazing change is not only personally rewarding, it is financially rewarding. There is no doubt the couple have substantially increased the value of their investment.

Video Transcript:

My husband and I have always loved classic Queenslander cottages – so when it came to buying our first home, we knew we wanted an old, traditional Queensland with lots of character. When we came across this one – it was probably a little more ‘original condition’ than we had hoped, but underneath all the peeling paint, dirt and old carpets, we could see there was real potential.

I remember the day we bought the house at the on-site auction… It was this feeling of absolute excitement and disbelief that we’d actually won it… But then I remember looking up at the house and seeing how rundown it was and thinking ‘what have we got ourselves in to?’

My husband is an architect and while we did some of the renovations ourselves, he felt based on his industry experience that the painting was something we should outsource. You can spend all the money in the world on getting the foundations right, but if the paint job isn’t perfect then it affects the entire look of the place.

The fact that we both work also meant it was far more cost-effective for us to outsource the painting rather than do it ourselves after work and on weekends.

I was surprised when I got the quote in from Rochele Painting. It was much more affordable than I expected. I was also thrilled when they told me how quickly they could get it done. What would have taken us months and months to do, the Rochele Painting team could do in just a couple of weeks.

I cannot tell you how much of a relief it was to have the guys from Rochele come in and take care of everything. We had a Rochele colour consultant help us with us colour options which was really valuable. I knew the basic colour palette I wanted – but when we looked through all the colour brochures and paint swatches we found it really tricky to try to pick between 50 shades of gray, so it was great to have a professional there to guide us.

Once the painting got started, the transformation was incredible. I remember opening the door to the house after the first day of painting – and even with just the undercoat on, it looked fresh and clean – and for the first time, I could imagine what the house would look like when it was finished.

The entire painting process went really smoothly. Every day, the painters would show up on-time and ready to work. I think that’s what shocked me the most actually. We had a lot of problems with the reliability of some of our other suppliers, but the Rochele team was always prompt and professional.

The team was really friendly and polite too – which made us feel very comfortable our home was in safe hands.

The other big difference I noticed between Rochele Painting and some of our other suppliers was how professional they are – we even had a project manager who would check in all the time to make sure everything was perfect and running smoothly. I’m a bit of a perfectionist – so it was really nice to see someone else care as much as I do about the little details.

Now that the house has been completely painted – inside and out – it honestly looks like a completely different property. What used to be a shabby, run down old house now feels like a luxurious new home.

Having our house painted professionally made life a lot easier for us and took away all the headaches around how on earth we would tackle it. And for cost of doing it, I know it’s added significant value to our property as well. It looks so polished and perfect – and is a far cry from where we started.

I think we’ve got the renovator’s bug now. We’d love to find another house that we can do up – and when we do, we’ll definitely be going back to Rochele Painting.