Ashgrove House Painting Video Testimonial


Ashgrove Brisbane, QLD 4060

Job Performed

Colour Consulting & Exterior Painting

Project Notes

Geoff Story:

Geoff’s family home hadn’t been painted for 20 years. Hear how he was impressed with the Rochele team from start to finish. Geoff obtained three quotes only to find we were priced right in the middle. He was happy that we quoted the job on time and that we provided expert advice at the time of quoting.

Geoff used the services of our free colour consultant, who helped modernise his wonderful family home. Even our painters accommodated an upcoming party and painted all the deck and pool area first.

The end result speaks volumes. The colours chosen add an element of class, and the combination of painted timber and natural timber give this property an air of sophistication.

Video Transcript:

Geoff Davey Ashgrove, had an old Queenslander, had it for twenty odd years, and were due for a paint job; and that is why we are here. We had it painted and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

When we decided to paint, we said we will finish our renovations first. That in itself was a protracted period of time. We went local, and saw a house in the street being painted by a local painter. My wife prodded me and said, “you should try someone like Rochele”. And I have to say that I thought they would be out of the ballpark, but to my pleasant surprise, they were smack in the middle. So reputation, size of the company, smack in the middle, it was an easy decision.

They were very professional. The whole phone experience, the whole ‘how are you’, ‘thanks very much’, ‘we will send out someone to see you’.

Punctual, spot-on, the guy was very engaging, couldn’t be more helpful. Told him what we wanted; he made some comments and suggestions, easy to talk to. Came back with a quote in time, on time. Very happy with the price. We said yes, then they went to the next step. We got a colour consultant, so that was easy. I have to say the whole process was just very easy, very professional. Almost like family would be how I say it. It just rolled along. From the quote to the job and then the crew who turned up -fantastic.

Without a doubt, couldn’t speak more highly of them. Even the crew themselves that turned up. The verandah we are standing on now; my daughter sort of jumped ahead and said “when are you starting, because I have a party coming” and they said, ‘that’s easy, we will start this end first and have it ready for you’. We had a third of the house done and dusted for her party before they finished the rest of the house. Everyone was happy, including the daughter. So if anyone wants a referral, give me a call.