Queenslander Maintenance

by Ali |

The traditional QLD-er home is well suited to the Queensland environment not to mention its elegance, class and heritage.  However, when it comes to maintaining this type of property there are many hidden areas which are unknown to the common eye.  Given the number of jobs we do on Queenslanders we thought it’s essential to share some very common issues which arise onsite costing our clients unnecessary money and time.  If you take note of the following points before organising any repair work, especially painting, on your Queenslander it will help ensure your renovation or maintenance work is done to the best possible standard:

        1. Easing windows – before painting most Queenslanders have windows that stick or are painted shut or even left closed because it is too hard to open or close these style of windows over time creating a big security problem. We recommend calling in a carpenter to ease all windows prior to painting to ensure they can easily be opened and closed once the painting has been finished.
        2. Rotting timber replaced – It is essential to have a carpenter or someone with a bit of knowledge of rotting timber assess the property for rot before we start painting.  This saves time and money.  We have worked on many jobs where this step hasn’t been taken prior to painting and instead we notify the client of the problem timber which results in wasted time and money especially when some timber needs replacing after the preparation for painting has begun. Some rot needs to be dug out and left to dry which requires time.
        3. Don’t leave the weatherboards deteriorate before your next paint job – If you maintain your paint job the better result and the more cost-effective your next painting project will be.  The longer you leave weatherboards with flaking paint the more expensive it is to get them back to a reasonable condition and sometimes you may never be able to get them back to a good condition which will depreciate your property’s price potential.
        4. Regular House Washing – We highly recommend having your house washed once a year.  This ensures the exterior painting is maintained to the best of its ability and minimises issues that a build-up of grime and dirt create. Not to mention it has your home looking clean and new!

When a Queenslander is painted it truly transforms the property. Given the detail and attention, this type of property requires when a paint job is done. Don’t leave the windows panes and the weatherboards to rot away or wait until the paint job has deteriorated. It would be very hard to reclaim the property’s true potential. Make sure to take the steps above, before booking your next paint job on your Queenslander. We can ensure that your property will look amazing after a fresh paint job.