Paint Wrinkling Causes & Solutions

by Ali |

What is Paint Wrinkling?

Have you often observed that your painted surface has developed a wrinkled-looking skin? This may be the effect of wrinkling on the painted area, usually occurring when uncured paint on the surface becomes rough and crinkled. When using oil-based paints, there is a greater likelihood of wrinkling occurring, as the paint can be applied too thickly. Also, depending on the weather during the paint application process, the paint film may dry faster on the top than the bottom.

Also, if painting over a contaminated surface, especially one that has dirt buildup or grime, there is a chance that wrinkling can develop over time. However, this can be avoided if a proper primer and high quality top coat is used at the outset. If wanting to remove the effects of wrinkling from the painted surface, make sure that you scrape or sand down the area, and allow the primer to dry completely before applying the top coat.

This should be repainted once more prior to finishing the job. To avoid wrinkling at the outset, attention must be paid when evenly painting the surface with primer and two layers of top coat once the primer is dry. Interior paint for room ceilings and walls should be used for such surfaces.

paint wrinkling


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