A huge congratulations to our senior estimator here at Rochele Painting, Stephen Brett, who completed an Australian Record for the largest two point sequential formation skydive over Australia. For those who wouldn’t know what that is, that’s jumping out of three aircraft flying in formation, all meeting at one point and then completing two formation patterns with 45 people from 18,000 feet with oxygen. Yes you read that right…. WITH oxygen! These guys actually had to take oxygen because they were jumping from such great height!

Obviously this isn’t Steve’s new found love, he actually sky dives quite regularly in his spare time usually at least every 2 to 3 weeks.  Also believe it or not he has completed about 2,400 jumps in total over his lifetime.  Most importantly, it is very handy having a pro sky diver in the office especially when any staff wish to fulfil their extreme sports fantasies! Therefore, some of our staff members have taken up the offer to sky dive under Steve’s supervision which is always more comforting when you know and trust the guy you are jumping out of a plane with! There are still quite a few staff members who are yet to be convinced!

To see more images on this incredible feat and watch a video of the actual jump click here!