rochele painter using drop cloth throughout the room to protect flooring


Preparing Your Property For Our Professional Painters

It is very exciting once you have made the decision to proceed with a quote from us and your dream of having your property beautified gets closer. Our professional painters are well equiped to paint under most circumstances (e.g. quick timeframes, tight spaces, furnished rooms) however there are a few things you can do before our professional painters arrive to make your job go extra smoothly such as:

        1. Remove all items hanging on the walls (if your walls are to be painted)
        2. Move furniture into the centre of the room where possible
        3. Write a list of all things you want removed or changed (e.g. blinds removed, door handles changed, holes patched, nails and hooks)
        4. If areas need to be done in a certain order for your convenience be sure to note it down
        5. For exterior areas trim any greenery that may hinder access for our painters
        6. Get excited – your property is about to be transformed!

    This short list should give you a good idea of how you can ensure your property is prepare for our professional painters.  This will ensure your job goes smoothly and is most time efficient.  If you have any other questions about preparing your property before our professional painters arrive simply contact us on 1300ROCHELE!