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Meet The Team: Luke The Plasterer

Every day of our lives we talk to strangers on

by Samuel Festa • 2 min read

Every day of our lives we talk to strangers on the phone or email and sometimes forget that these people are very special. They live a life just like you, have a family, friends and a life story that in some cases could be made into a movie or a good book. Often you work day in and day out with people that you never really “know”.

Well to change that we launched a series of articles called “Meet the Team”. Our company tries very hard to get to know all our customers and now we would like our customers to know and understand exactly who we are and what we do. To assist this process we share the stories of our team members. The people who make up Rochele Painting are the most important part of our business. Their stories deserve to be shared and enjoyed.

We would like to introduce Luke. If you have had a job done through Rochele that involved plastering work then chances are you may of met Luke! There are a few Luke’s on our team so we refer to this Luke as “Luke the Plasterer”

Luke was born in Melbourne and lived in the North-Western suburbs with his mum, dad and two sisters. Growing up he was very involved in playing AFL and trained with Calder Cannons to play in the TAC cup but he unfortunately had to stop when he injured his knee. He studied Health and Fitness to become a personal trainer before realising it was more of a hobby rather than a career goal.

Luke got involved in plastering through his dad who was also a plasterer and he started an apprenticeship after completing high school. After that Luke decided to move to the Gold Coast to branch out and discover new opportunities.

He met his wife Angela through mutual friends a few months after arriving on the Gold Coast. Angela is Canadian and was here to study for a Master of Education degree at Griffith University. As they say the rest is history. In July 2013 Luke and Angela got married in Hawaii, a destination half way for both their families. They cannot wait to go back to celebrate their anniversary in the future.

Angela and Luke now have a beautiful daughter, Frankie May, who is turning two in December 2016. They are expecting their second child, a baby boy, due to arrive at the end of February 2017.

In his spare time Luke goes to the gym, usually in the morning before starting work and he completed his first half marathon in July 2016. He is about to start training again and hopes to complete the full marathon in 2017.

Luke also enjoyed heading to the beach and going out for a surf, attending Gold Coast Suns games and spending as much time as he can with his family, which of course includes getting to Canada when possible.

Luke has worked with Rochele since 2008. He has enjoyed getting to know the team over the years and has fond memories of the Rochele events he has attended such as abseiling, fishing and various Christmas parties.