Mould Causes and Treatment

by Ali |


Everyone is currently having issues with an outbreak of Mould in South East Queensland due to the high moisture content in the air from all the rain and humidity we have been experiencing over the last few months. With an ongoing bout of wet weather there is no chance for areas to be dried out which is a great breeding ground for Mould and Mildew

Mould / mildew love a moist /damp surface to attach and thrive. As you drive around the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast you will notice all the green spouting up on fences and exteriors of buildings. More shockingly is the interior areas of your home or commercial property that don’t see the sunlight and have created the perfect mouldy environment. So what exactly causes these mouldy areas to lurk within the interior or exterior of our properties?

Causes –

  • roof /gutter leaks
  • high humidity
  • flooding
  • hot steamy showers
  • using clothes dryers
  • poor ventilation
  • endless wet weather

Treatment –

  • using protective equipment
  • clean all surfaces
  • disinfect/kill mould / mildew using a mould killer/bleach based cleaning solution
  • in extreme cases specialised mould cleaning companies are required

Repairing the damage –

  • prepare surface and repaint areas damaged by staining , using antimould specialized paints


For minor mould outbreaks both internally and externally we are able to clean, treat and repair as part of the scope of works for your painting project. However, in extreme cases we would recommend a mould specialist to come and clean and treat the mould prior to us painting to ensure the outbreak is contained.

**Please note mould / mildew should be treated quickly for health reasons