Meet The Team: Steve

by Ali |

Every day of our lives we talk to strangers on the phone or email and sometimes forget that these people are very special. They live a life just like you, have a family, friends and a life story that in some cases could be made into a movie or a good book. Often you work day in and day out with people that you never really “know”.

Well to change that we launched a series of articles called “Meet the Team”. Our company tries very hard to get to know all our customers and now we would like our customers to know and understand exactly who we are and what we do. To assist this process we share the stories of our team members. The people who make up Rochele Painting are the most important part of our business. Their stories deserve to be shared and enjoyed.

We would like to introduce Stephen. Most people who arrange a quote with us will get the chance of meeting him as he is our senior estimator.

Steve has worked for the company for 13 years and we have never seen him sit still for too long he is always running around making sure he gets to his quotes on time. Despite his English accent he much prefers coffee over tea and has been known to of fallen into a pool whilst estimating a large complex which caused great laughter in the office. Not sure we got that job!

Originally born in Cirencester Gloucestershire , England, Steve is the middle of three, one older brother and one younger sister. He usually got up to a bit of mischief in school, loved Woodwork , Art, English and Running and didn’t like the rest. He went to a comprehensive school near where he grew up in a town called Abingdon just outside of Oxford (oldest inhabited town in England apparently).

Steve left school at 16 and went straight into an apprenticeship of painting and decorating working for a small local company.
When Steve was in his teens he loved competitive fishing and was a bit of a fitness fanatic throughout his 20s going to the gym five nights a week. He got hooked on skydiving at the age of 24 after doing his first parachute jump for charity for Cystic Fibrosis as a good friend of his had the disease and died not long after.

Steve loves travelling and has been to a few countries which he believes gives you a much wider perspective on life when you see other cultures.

In 2002 he moved to Australia when his two daughters were only little, the youngest one Macy is now 15 and the oldest Tiffany graduates from high school this month.

Steve says “I absolutely love the job I do now of estimating, every day is a buzz and brings something new to the table.”