Meet The Team: Neil

by Ali |

Every day of our lives we talk to strangers on the phone or email and sometimes forget that these people are very special.  They live a life just like you, have a family, friends and a life story that in some cases could be made into a movie or a good book.  Often you work day in and day out with people that you never really “know”.
Well to change that we launched a series of articles called “Meet the Team”.  Our company tries very hard to get to know all our customers and now we would like our customers to know and understand exactly who we are and what we do.  To assist this process we share the stories of our team members.  The people who make up Rochele Painting are the most important part of our business.  Their stories deserve to be shared and enjoyed.
We would like to introduce Neil.  Some people who get their property painted by Rochele have the pleasure of meeting Neil as he is one of our painters.
Neil has been working for Rochele for just over one year and although he has a kiwi accent we can see him here for many years to come.
Neil was born in Tauranga New Zealand and has one older sister.  He did his painting Apprenticeship in Auckland in 1996-1998. Over the years he has been back and forth to Australia also living in St Kilda in Melbourne for a year in 1999.  He then travelled overseas to London where he did a trip with five mates around Europe and beyond which resulted in him meeting his lovely partner Alice. After his travelling he decided to reside in Coolum on the sunshine coast for a year until returning to London where he decided to settle, buy a house and welcomed his beautiful daughter Elsie in 2009.
Neil’s hobbies are playing the guitar, sea kayaking, fly and sea fishing! Neil recalls his first day working at Rochele “it was 38 degrees and coming from London where it was snowing at the time almost killed me but i have acclimatised since then thank goodness!”