How to Paint Interior Surfaces

by Ali |

One of the most cost effective ways to enhance the appearance and feel of your home is by painting. Ensuring you use quality materials and equipment is the best way to ensure your result will look professional. We recommend painting a room in this order:

  1. Ceilings
  2. Walls
  3. Trims – windows, doors, skirting boards


Be prepared and have these items:

  • Paint
  • Rollers & brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking Tape
  • Drop sheets
  • Dust or vacuum to help remove anything from the surface to be painted
  • Clean each surface thoroughly, wash and allow to dry
  • Mask areas for protection and lay drop sheets on the floor. It is best to use a plastic drop sheet underneath a cloth drop sheet as plastic can be slippery to walk on and cloth can seep through so the plastic drop sheet will protect the surface you don’t want paint on and the cloth will reinforce this as well as providing a safe platform for you to walk on
  • Use an adequate primer
  • Fill cracks and gaps with good quality fillers and prime any filler used
  • To make a surface smooth sand and clean up dust

Applying the interior paint: Cutting in

After a thorough preparation it is time to cut in. Using a stiff angled brush (typically 50-75mm wide) paint the edges of the surface you are wanting to paint. Cutting in is where the ceiling meets the wall and also edges of walls. Once this cutting in process is complete you will be ready to roll.


Using the roller tray load the roller with paint. Ensure the roller is not dripping with paint but that the sleeve is totally wet with paint. Top to bottom is the best way to roll walls and in strips about 1-2 metres wide rolling over the area you already cut in. For easier application of the paint an extension pole will help. Roll towards a natural light sauce such as a window when painting a ceiling and ensure you paint in strips. Lay off by gently rolling in the same direction which will help reduce the visibility of roller marks. Before applying a second coat allow the paint to dry.