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Large Body Corporate Painting Project on Camera

by Ali |

Rochele Painting has been painting unit complexes and townhouses for over 40 years. However, painting these larger sized project is not a challenging aspect. The challenge is successfully dealing with the numerous residents that these properties house. There may be anywhere from a handful to hundreds of residents. Our specialty is understanding that these projects are not commercial painting projects… they are residential! We take so much care in working in and around our customers’ homes that we understand how important the painting project is to residents in community living scenarios.
A body corporate painting project has typically been years in the making. It has been budgeted for and meetings and votes were needed to decide when to paint, who should paint the property and what colour it should be painted.
Understanding the organisation and effort involved behind the scenes motivates us at Rochele to work our hardest to ensure every stakeholder is happy. Often while painting an exterior gated community or unit complex tower we get invited to paint several interiors as well.
We are also well aware that if we perform well on site we will be recommended to various other homeowners or unit owners and often we go on to paint another complex in the same street. As a family business, we also take a very long term approach and aim to win the repaint of the project when it is next due several years from now.
All of these aspects should be considered when looking for the appropriate painter for your body corporate complex.