Exterior Painting in the Heat of Summer

by Ali |

Painting your house in South East Queensland brings its challenges, especially during summers. The heat is extreme and summer storms can break out any time. We demand that our property is protected by a film that is only one-thousandth of an inch thick. That's why we need to ensure the exterior paintwork is properly done. There are several strategies when painting in this type of climate to ensure long lasting and quality work. Read on to find out how exterior house painting in Queensland can be done, even in summertime.

rochele painter working on an exterior house painting jobPrep for painting

The first and most important step to any good paint job is always surface preparation.  The surface must be cleaned to remove any loose particles of dirt and dust followed by sanding or scraping to remove any peeling or flaking paint.  A lot of care needs to be taken during this step. Especially if any sanding or scraping is required. Older buildings may release dust containing lead or asbestos. So if you are unsure, it’s always best to get a lead or asbestos test done prior to this initial step. Once the surface has been cleaned, the exposed substrates need to be pried with the appropriate primer.

exterior house painting in Queensland

Choose the right paint

The second step is to choose the correct paint for the job. There are so many different paints to choose from these days so it is essential to check for paint performance properties (e.g. flexibility, adhesion, colour fade etc). Lastly, remember you get what you pay for so a lower price can indicate an inferior performance.

exterior house painting BrisbaneChoose the right colour

Lastly, it’s best to consider how the colour of the paint can affect the performance of the paint.  Darker colours absorb more heat. It can cause substrate movement that can shatter the bond between previous coats and the substrate, especially wood.  It can be more beneficial to use lighter colours. Lighter colours are more reflective to the light and do not absorb as much heat which inevitably improves the durability of the film.

Professional exterior house painters

Rochele Painting has been providing exterior house painting in Queensland for over 40 years. We know how to work best in our sub-tropical climate and we know the challenges all too well. We specialise in this area and we know what a good exterior paint job needs. It needs care, attention to detail and quality performance!  If you’re trying to paint the exterior of your property, it can be rewarding and exhausting all at once. If you like to make your house shine, but you don’t want to go through the hassle yourself, please contact us anytime. We highly recommend to enlist a professional painter to do this type of paintwork to ensure its longevity and quality in our harsh QLD climate.

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