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Touching up and refreshing the look of your rental property with a repaint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to attract top dollar and quality tenants to your vacant property. Not only does it allow you to stay on top of any maintenance, you’ll also be able to update its style to be modern, clean and fresh.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional company that will promptly paint the interior and/or exterior of your rental property, you can trust Rochele. With more than 40 years of experience in painting residential and commercial properties, we can recommend the best way to make your rental appeal to more prospective tenants while working within your budget.

We can help with any rental refresh and touch-up job, small or large. If the previous tenants left any damage, our diversified team of tradespeople can also plaster, sand and repair your property for a seamless service with the perfect finish. We can even individually itemise your quote and invoice to highlight any work that’s required for insurance claims.

As part of our service, our professional colour consultants can also advise on the best range of colours to make sure that your rental property appeal to the largest range of tenants. It’s our goal to help you maximise the return on your rental property investment and we’ll help you to do it as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Rental Refresh and Touch-Ups Video

Why Choose Rochele to Touch-Up and Refresh Your Rental Property?

  • We provide a free, insurance itemised quote within 24 hours
  • Seamless service that can include everything from colour consultation to repair work and professional repainting
  • Fast turn-around with flexible work hours that allow for jobs to be started at short notice
  • Team of highly experienced, qualified and knowledgeable tradespeople
  • Licensed and insured family-owned company with a well-established reputation for promptness and professionalism

Our Rental Refresh and Touch-Up Painting Process

In making sure that your rental property is refreshed and repainted as quickly and cheaply as possible, we use:

  • The best quality paint for your choice of all the major brands while recommending the best options for a long-lasting, damage free finish
  • Touch-up and one-coat options to reduce the time and expense of repainting your rental property
  • A project manager who’ll coordinate all required tradespeople for a seamless and efficient painting service
  • Trustworthy and responsible tradespeople who use the correct entry procedures including key pick up and return
  • The proper equipment to protect your flooring, kitchen, curtains and other fixtures while ensuring a flawless finish
  • Thorough clean-up so that your rental property is ready to be advertised as soon as possible

Our Finishing Touches

After your rental property has been painted and cleaned up, our QBCC qualified supervisor will inspect the quality of all our work before inviting you to do the same. Once you’re 100% happy with the finished picture, any keys will be returned and the project will be signed off.

Although the paint we’ll be using comes with its own warranty, for absolute peace of mind, we also offer a 2-year warranty on our work. This applies to all painted surfaces excluding roofs, handrails and floors which are covered for 1 year.

Our Payment Plans

Although we always endeavour to work within your budget, we do realise that it’s great to have options. As such, we offer a range of flexible payment plans that allow your rental to be repainted today and paid for in fixed instalments over a set period of time. While this allows you to spread the cost of refreshing your rental property over time, it may also enable you to invest in a more modern renovation now that will pay dividends once you’ve attracted the right tenant.

We also offer regular, fully-transparent maintenance packages that allow you to effortlessly stay up-to-date with any repairs that may need doing, saving you money in the long-run.

For your free rental property refresh and touch-up quote, call our friendly team on 1300 808 164 or request a free quote today!