“Fantastic right from the beginning.”


Taringa Brisbane, QLD 4068

Job Performed

Residential & Body Corporate Painting

Project Notes

Hear how Lucy was impressed with our team work, paint coverage and affordability

Video Transcript:

We had a very large job to do in a very difficult area. It was dark and dirty and it was huge. I don’t know the square foot but it was huge. Tremendous teamwork; coordination; everybody had their job; they worked systematically through the place and the coverage of this area that could have been very patchy is just brilliant.

Tell us about the Rochele Staff

Fantastic right from the beginning of ordering. Getting people to come out and get a quote was fantastic and I have to say the teamwork that I saw on the job, cause it’s been to a fairly large body corporate jobs as well as my personal flat, the teamwork is just sensational.

Is Rochele Painting affordable?

Yes, definitely. No question about it. You came in very well with the other quotes. In fact, better than the other quotes.

Would you recommend Rochele Painting?

Absolutely. No question about it.