Wool on Wheels

by Ali |

Have you noticed a new addition to our shop front in Albion? We hope so! We are so excited to share the latest yarn bombed bike install as part of #al_bi_on_it’s project “Wool on Wheels.” This beautifully crocheted bike aptly titled “Sparks”, is the creation of talented artist Nacelle Mercer, and sits proudly outside our Albion office on Sandgate Road.

Rochele Painting has sponsored this bike which is part of a wider community initiative which is to liven the streets of Albion and bring a sense of attraction and creativity. We love the idea and love our new addition. There are currently 3 bikes located along Sandgate road at present but keep your eyes peeled as there are lots more to come!

You can vote on your favourite bike by going to the #al_bi_on_it instagram page and liking the photos!