White Board Paint

by Ali |

Sick of running out of white board space at work or tired of the kids drawing on the walls and not being able to clean it off? Rochele Painting can now turn any wall inside a house our office into a white board.

What is whiteboard paint?

Write-on wall paint is a a modified acrylic-urethane coating that can transform your interior walls. A two part application finishes as a clear gloss coat so the wall can be any colour you like.

The finished product is glossy and very hard. As a result it has excellent durability and can withstand abrasive materials, heat and of course white board markers.

How to use it?

We recommend using high quality white board pens and erasers. Permanent markers will not rub off, but will not damage the coating. Methylated spirits or other cleaning fluids will remove permanent marks without damaging the write-on wall coating. Write-on wall paint would be perfect in any office environment from recording sales in a real estate office to mapping out the next big project at an engineers office. Of course it would also be perfect in a play room where kids could go wild with numerous coloured markers. Its clean-ability would also suit its use in the kitchen and could be a very affordable back-splash considering it can be any colour.

Video transcript

A: Guys! What’s going on here?
B: Sam, don’t worry. It’s white board paint.
A: What do you mean?
B: It comes straight off.
A: That’s amazing!

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Rochele Painting office. I’m here today to talk to you about a cool new product we’re offering which is ‘write on wall’ paint, better known as white board paint. It is a modified acrylic urethane coating which effectively turns any previously painted wall into a white board. In saying that though, the two part application finishes clear, so the wall can actually be any colour you’d like. We’ve coated every second wall in our office and find it’s a great addition to the workplace and we can see a lot of our real estate professionals and commercial clients utilising it in their workplaces. Would also be a great addition to any children’s room or rumpus room and we think it would work really well in the kitchen also. Marks obviously wipe off. Permanent markers may not wipe straight off but by utilising methylated spirits or other cleaning products, these marks can be wiped off without actually damaging the coating. The finished product is very glossy and hard and can withstand abrasive materials, heat and chemicals.
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Final tips

Things to remember with this product are that the underlying surface will dictate the final appearance so if excessive roller stipple or orange-peel effect exists on the underlying surface it may affect the ease of whiteboard marker removal. One other slight negative is that its odour during application can be a little smelly. Simply request it to be applied over the weekend or out of hours.

The brand of paint that was used in the video is from Resene and is called “Write-on Wall Paint”. Resene is known for manufacturing high performance and specialty products such as this. While the product does cost more than your typical drum of paint its application is no more expensive. Also given the fact you have transformed a wall into a usable. creative and highly durable space we think its great value.

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