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How to Plan Painting and Renovation Projects

by Ali |


In what order should you book your trades?

When it comes to renovating you need to be highly organised to ensure your job gets done the most effective and efficient way possible. Painting is usually just one major component of a renovation so it is really important you schedule your painters in the right order so that your paintwork doesn’t get damaged and also so that your job runs smoothly.  This is the order we recommend you book your trades:

        1. Demolition – this is quite obvious but if you are ripping up flooring or gutting an interior we recommend this is done first
        2. Construction – if you are doing any structural changes be sure to get this done next to ensure any walls being removed our areas being built are fully completed
        3. Electrical & Plumbing – make sure you have your electrical and plumbing changes planned out and done before the next trade (e.g. changing lights, moving power points, pipes moved etc)
        4. Flooring – if you are repairing or replacing any flooring this is the next trade to be scheduled. You don’t want your flooring done too soon otherwise the more trades coming and going the more risk there is of any damages and new flooring is very precious. The exception to this would be carpet as we would recommend painting before the new carpet is installed.
        5. Painters – It is best to get the painters in last.  This way any damages to the walls and ceilings by the previous trades won’t matter and the paint job will give your renovation its final touches

    The above list gives you a great idea and the most practical way to book your trades.  There may be many more trades involved but this will give you an ideal outline of how to book all your trades.  It is also best to ensure you don’t have several trades working in one space or on areas at the same time so as to create an obstacle for each other.  This will just slow them down and their performance will be hindered.  Although shows such as The Block and Renovation Rumble are entertaining to watch if you want a thorough job done and want the most out of your trades it is best to minimise the chaos.  When it comes to painting all trades should be vacated from the site so that the painters have a free run. This will also minimise any damages to freshly painted areas. Best of luck with your next renovation and if you have any specific questions on how you should be booking your job simply call us on 1300ROCHELE!