Welcome 2014!

by Ali |

Welcome 2014!! All of us at Rochele Painting (including Buddha) let our hair down to welcome in the new year.

As you all know our company motto is “Prompt & Professional” but Buddha does not symbolise either of these values. He is fat and lazy and often during times of celebration goes too far. At the end of last year during staff appraisals a few of these issues were raised and Buddha was cautioned about his behaviour and his appearance. During that meeting it was decided that Buddha get demoted and no longer be called our company mascot but instead just “the office dog”. I know that Buddha has a number of fans out there so be assured he is still employed full time but given his behaviour and appearance we don’t want our loyal customers to think he represents all the rest of our prompt and professional staff and painting team.

We look forward to a big year with plenty of exciting painting projects already planned.

Stay tuned for more updates in and out of the office.