No Job Too Big Or Too Small

by Ali |

At Rochele Painting we DO sweat the small stuff and we don’t believe size matters at all! We have been in business now for over 41 years and we would never forget how it all began which was by doing the small stuff! Part of our daily motto which can be heard on the phone at reception when we are talking to clients is “No job is too big or too small”.
Marketing manager, Ali Festa, says “I believe we have done a really good job at letting the market know we do the big stuff and have forgotten to keep reminding the market that just because we do have the capability to do large jobs it doesn’t mean we have forgotten about the small jobs.  We will come and paint your toilet ceiling if that is all you need, or fix up a minor dent in your wall and we do this work all the time.”
So how is it that we can be one of the largest in the industry yet be able to spend time on the smaller jobs? We have different sized teams of painters and allocate them accordingly and there is plenty of them to go around. If you are debating over whether we would come out to do your job the answer is YES!
Business Manager, David Rogers, says “we have four main target markets being Residential, Commercial, Real-Estate and Body Corporate. Within these four markets we do both small and large work. Some clients only need one wall painted or a minor touch up done but then we also have clients who need an entire high-rise building painted.  We are fortunate enough to have built up the business to be able to accommodate to all these different sized jobs. We do of course have a minimum charge which is $280 + GST.”
Thinking of getting some touch ups done, one wall, one door or a tiny room we would be more than happy to help! Simply book a quote through our online booking system here!