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Rochele Painting only uses industry qualified painters with a minimum of 10 years experience.

Every painting contractor is formally inducted into Rochele via our in-house workshops and are placed on long-term (5 – 15 year) contracts. Ongoing training addressing customer service and safety is provided as well as a number of team building social events throughout the year.

Each painting team is assigned one of our QBCC licensed supervisors to oversee their workmanship and act as liaison between our customers, painters and office. Most of our painters have been with Rochele long-term with many boasting 7 to 15 year time periods. We view our painting teams as the backbone of our company and the best in the industry. Establishing our painting teams as subcontractors has better aligned our painters incentives with our customers and our company.

Thanks to our subcontractors and specialised skills they bring to our team, we have been able to operate at a greater efficiency.  The efficiency they bring helps our painting projects stay on schedule resulting in a better experience for our residential and commercial customers. Our subcontractors also benefit as they have control over the hours spent working with Rochele, enabling them to choose a healthy work-life balance.

We understand that engaging subcontractors is a complex and confusing area, mainly because of the misunderstandings that prevail. We believe in giving everyone a ‘fair-go’.  In an industry battling insecurity of work and timely payments, we create a secure environment for our painters.

One of our fantastic painters who has been working as a subcontractor with us for several years starred in our most recent TV commercial. Watch now for a subcontractors perspective of what it’s like working with Rochele Painting.


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