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Skyscraper Highrise Abseil Painting

by Ali |


Brisbane CBD


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Painting a skyscraper is an achievement in craftsmanship, team work and organisation. The height and size of this high-rise results in some interesting stats. For example over 3500 litres of paint was used. Over 300 individual balconies were painted. Up to 8 abseiler painters were suspending from the top of the building that is 54 stories high or 162 metres tall. Each abseiler utilised two ropes that were 200 metres long and weighed almost 20kg each.

Another interesting fact is that this area of the Brisbane CBD is surrounded by buildings of this size and shape which result in them almost creating their own micro weather pattern. Wind can be directed between buildings to create wind gusts or even “whirly winds”. The wind was so strong on the back side of the building that rain did not touch the wall for the entire duration we worked on the project. Even though it did in fact rain and there was no overhanging structure the wind ensured that it remained untouched.

There are other facts that can’t be easily quantified or stated but are as amazing. The team of painters that worked on this project were proud to be working on such a tall and iconic Brisbane high-rise. They worked as a team and enjoyed their time on the project. The managers, staff and residence of Skyline Apartments were equally great and were equally as passionate about their building and its new paint job.

Rochele Painting specialises in painting at heights and via abseil and this project is a testament that it can be done on a skyscraper scale. We have been painting high-rise buildings for the last four decades and look forward to continuing to help reinvigorate South East Queensland high-rises well into the future.


Thanks to Skyline Apartments – Mantra on the Quay
Job Project Managed by Alastair Hart
Article by Samuel Festa