Rust Effect Paint

by Ali |

Rust effect paint used on entrance way on Morningside Residence with a burnt orange colour scheme rust effect paint on exterior wall panels in Albion

Paint is one of the most effective ways to transform a surface. However, it doesn’t always have to be in a solid colour. There are many ways paint can be used to create a special effect on a surface ensuring maximum impact. The latest effect which we have used on a few projects is a rust effect. This was originally recommended by Rochele Decorating.

Originally this effect was used on a commercial house in Albion that has a full renovation. Kate from Rochele Decorating suggested the colour scheme to incorporate the rust effect paint on a section of the front exterior panels to give the property a more industrial feel. The owners were happy with her recommendation and the end result really gave the property the look and feel they were after. The next project where this rust effect was used was on a residential property in Morningside where again the colour consultant believed the rust effect would give the property’s entrance way the transformation it needed to really draw attention to the house and create a feature that was like no other. The owner’s were once again happy with the recommendation and ecstatic with the end result.

So how is this effect really created? It is a two step process which gives this look of rusted iron which in turn creates an industrial appearance.

A base coat is applied followed by a top coat which is a solution that activates the base coat creating this effect. It can be applied to both interior and exterior areas to give a surface a very big impact.

We highly recommend using a professional to apply this type of effect if you are wanting the best result as it is not the easiest of applications and give we have now used this type of paint several times we would be happy to help you out!

Natural timber battens, rust effect paint wall panels with grey feature panels, black metal balustrade with timber step treads Rust effect featured painting project on Morningside residence with white walls and double sided downlight and grey tiles