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Roof Painting – Different Roof Types

by Ali |

The roof is the most important component of any house or commercial property. It protects the internals from the weather and must endure the harshest of environmental changes.
However most people neglect their roofs until it is so deteriorated that it requires replacing. A cheaper and more sensible option is to maintain your existing roof through regular inspections, repair and painting. Rochele Painting has been repairing and painting house roofs, commercial roofs and unit complex roofs since 1975.

Roof painting is one of those things you don’t want to attempt yourself, as you need the correct height safety equipment and training. It is not only dangerous to be working at these heights but also dangerous depending on the type of roof present.

All our roof painters are licensed appropriately and have been nationally accredited in working safe at heights with the correct fall restraint and fall arrest systems.
To summarise there are a number of important issues and points related particularly to roofs that should be remembered.

brisbane roof painter at work

Roof Maintenance – Things to remember:

  • Most roofs are ignored by owners because they are out of sight
  • The roof is the most important part of any structure and it is cheaper to maintain it than replace it
  • Roof maintenance by an untrained person can cause serious damage to the individual and the roof
  • The roof should be inspected, repaired and painted at least every 10 years

Identify Your Type of Roof:

There are a number of different types of roofs and it is important to note what time of roof you have because the all have different maintenance requirements.

Concrete tiled roof

Concrete tiles are a very common roof coating.
This type of roof coating is incredibly durable and will not rust or burn. However once the existing coating begins to break down the tile can become porous and the tile can actually suck in and retain water. This can cause increased load on the structure of the building. Concrete roof tiles can crack and break with extremes in weather (hail, wind, extreme sun and cold). One benefit of concrete tiles is that they can be easily repaired and painted in any colour.

painting concrete tiled roof

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta roof tiles have been superseded by concrete roof tiles. These tiles are not as strong and can become very brittle over time. It can also be a challenge to find replacement tiles when they do crack of break. However they can be maintained through painting or resealing with a clear glaze. The benefits of sealing these type of roofs is it reduces moss and grime build up on the tiles it also reduces moisture penetration which cause mould issues on ceilings inside.

painting terracotta roof tiles

Colour bond Roof

Colour bond roofs and famous for their longevity. However the lifespan of any pre-finished surface is still around 15 years. Once the coating begins to fade or delaminate it can look very ugly. It also leads to rust which can have devastating effects on a tin roof. Contrary to popular belief, colour bond roofs can be painted. In fact most of the colour bond roofs are not maintenance related but simply to change an outdated colour.

painting colourbond roof

Tin Roof

Is the broad term for numerous types of tin coloured roofs including aluminium, galvanised and zincalum. Rust is the main issue to deal with on tin roofs. You would paint a tin roof mainly for protecting it from rust. Any rust would be treated with rust converter and any broken roof nails or screws would be replaced. Minor holes we can repair otherwise sheets can be replaced. Once any rust is treated these roofs are primed and painted in two coats of roof and structural paint.

painting tin roof

Asbestos Roof

Roofs with asbestos SHOULD NOT be painted or cleaned. If you do have an asbestos roof you will need to seek an asbestos removals specialist. Asbestos poses a real danger when broken and allowed to become airborne. For this reason we do not paint asbestos roofs.


Our Roof Restoration Service

Once you have acknowledged how important your roof is to the integrity of your property and identified the type of roof you own you simplty need to take action to maintain it. We offer the following roof repair and painting service to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast:

  • Free roof inspection and restoration quote within 24 hours
  • Job supervision by a qualified BSA supervisor
  • Qualified roof painters nationally accredited in working safe at heights
  • Use of premium roof paint from the major paint brands of your choice (Taubmans, Resene, Wattyl, Dulux, Solver)
  • Full time customer service staff to answer your roof painting queries, book appointments and collect feedback
  • Over the phone credit card payment facilities

Contact us or phone 1800 ROCHELE to organise your free quote.


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