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The Kids of Rochele are Taking Over – Ep 1

by Ali |

Rochele Kids

We run a family business and we often like to imagine what it would be like if the third generation took over.
To get an idea of how the “grandkids” would run the business we invited them in to the office to see if they have any good ideas to improve our painting and decorating business.
What we found out is that if they were in charge we would be painting peoples gardens in rainbow colours, giving dinosaur prizes to the best painter and picking our noses all day.
We love our family and we love our family business. I hope you do too.

Video Transcript:

Interviewer: Why don’t you guys talk amongst yourselves and decide what the best colour of paint is?
Rocco: Ah blue
Freja: No no no no no absolutely no pink and golden and lots of rainbow colours.
Rocco: No Blue
Interviewer: If you were a painter and had to paint a house which part of the house would you like to paint?
Freja: I would like to paint the garden.
Interviewer: When you grow up what would you like to be?
Freja: I want to be a horse rider.
Interviewer: do you reckon you could do that and still work at Rochele?
Freja: um umhh
Interviewer: Tell me what is your favourite colour Rocco?
Rocco: Blue and red and black.
Interviewer: Great you have a few you would make a good painter. If you had to give a prize to the best painter what prize would you give?
Rocco: a dinosaur.
Interviewer: What is your favourite colour Isla?
Isla: Green and purple and orange
Interviewer: Do you know what your favourite colour is, mine is blue what is your favourite colour?
Raphael: Blue
Interviewer: Do you know what your dad does at work can you tell me
Interviewer: What is your favourite colour?
Anastacia: bunnies
Interviewer: What do you want to be when you grow up do you know, I want to be a fireman do you know what you want to be?
Interviewer: Everybody say Bye Bye
Kids together: Bye Bye
Video footage by https://www.longbowproductions.com.au
Article by Samuel Festa