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We Can Paint One Wall, Room or The Whole House

Exterior House Painting

A great exterior paint job can transform the appearance of your home! The New Paint look does bring some freshness into your neighbourhood. It’s also your home’s first defence against the harsh Queensland climate.

Don’t put off painting the outside of your house because it seems like an expensive, huge and complex job! Call in the experts (that’s us!) before the damage is done.

Our experienced, professional and friendly team will help you every step of the way from initial assessment, colour consultations to proper preparation, painting and clean up. We’re specialists in outdoor, roof, fence and gutter painting as well as deck staining and house washing.

No matter how big the job is, we’re here to make it easy, quick and affordable!

Why Choose Rochele for Your Exterior Painting?

With 40 years of Experience, we’ve built a reputation for being Queensland’s trusted painting company backed by a team of friendly and expert painters, plasterers, interior decorators and admin staff.

So, why trust Rochele to paint your home and do it well?

We know your house is a home
When you invite us to your house, we don’t expect your life to stop just because your house is being painted so we’ll work with you to keep it looking like the home it is instead of a work-site.

We respect your time
Our painters are professionals, not a team of unreliable tradies. When we set firm appointments, we turn up when we say we will.

We appreciate your expectations for quality
Your house will be treated with the same level of love and respect by us and we pay attention to the important details to achieve a premium finish.

We offer more than just exterior painting
Our colour consultants are available to help you select the right colours and advise on the correct types of paint and stains for a long-lasting finish. We are experts in the whole process from colour consultation to exterior house painting.

We’re friendly, trustworthy AND excellent at what we do
We wouldn’t let just anyone into our home and we don’t expect you to either, so we only hire the nicest and most genuine people that you can trust!

Our Exterior Painting Process

Exterior painting of your house, deck, gutters and/or roof can be a complex process! Not only do you want to choose a great colour that won’t date, but you also need the right type of paints and stains for a long-lasting finish and know how to work around the harsh Queensland weather.

Our expert team will make painting the exterior of your house a breeze! Whether you need your front door retouched, the gutters painted to match a new roof or your whole Queenslander sanded and repainted, we can help!

After having a chat with you to work out exactly what you’re after, we’ll match your project with one of our best exterior painting team for the job. Following that, here’s what you can expect with Rochele:

Safe practices to protect your home
We always take precautions to protect your home, furniture and other belongings from damage.

Excellent preparation
Preparing your exterior surfaces for a repaint is the most important (and often overlooked) step to ensuring a great quality finish. We only use the best water blasters, sanders and fillers to maximise the life of your repaint.

The most reliable brands you know and trust

Attention to detail
Our team know that an excellent finish is only achieved by paying great attention to all the details.

Supervised work
A QBCC licensed supervisor oversees all work for quality control.

Respect for deadlines
When we set an initial schedule with you, we’ll stick to it.

Prompt clean up and rubbish removal
At the end of every job.

Finishing the Job

Once the outside of your house, deck, roof or gutters are repainted, one of our supervisors will complete a quality inspection and make any touch-ups if necessary.

You’ll then have the chance to inspect our work yourself because your satisfaction is our priority!

You’ll also be given a small container of matching paints and/or stains so you (or our team) can quickly and easily find the right colour if one day you extend the deck or happen to break the fence!