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In sunny, subtropical Queensland, regularly repainting the outside of your home is essential to protect the structure from harsh elements. We’re not going to lie, it is a big job. The house needs to be washed, any loose paint needs to be removed, any rot or cracks must be fixed, all surfaces should be sanded and washed again and that is all before the first coat of paint.

Here at Rochele, we’ve been painting Queensland homes for more than 40 years. It’s what we do and we’ve built a reputation on being trusted, prompt and professional siding and masonry painters. Free up your time for more important things and call in the experts.

Why Choose Rochele for Siding and Masonry Painting?

Whether you’ve got a traditional timber siding Queenslander or a more modern painted brick home, we’ll get your home looking spick and span for you to enjoy or sell. With specialist colour consultants and exterior painters, our qualified and friendly team is the best choice for any siding and masonry job. We can offer you:

We Specialise in All Aspects of Exterior Painting

Siding and Masonry Painting

  • Expert colour consultations – Choosing the WRONG colour to paint the outside of your house is definitely not a mistake you want to make. Our colour consultants know what’s trendy, how to select a colour pallet that blends with the interior of your home and can easily create a timeless look
  • Replacement and repair of rotten timber, broken bricks and loose grout – We’ve got experts to repair any existing damage to the outside of your home so you don’t need to worry about finding and coordinating with other tradespeople
  • Detailed preparation – Improper preparation is the leading cause of paint failure. We are meticulous in our preparation so your freshly painted home stays perfect for extended time.
  • Experience painting in the Queensland climate – Painting the outside of your house involves knowing how to work with Queensland climate. It can be too hot, too cold, too wet or too sunny but do not worry, we’ve got it covered.

Our Siding and Masonry Painting Process

After you get in touch with one of our friendly consultants, we’ll organise a time to meet you at your home and learn how we can help you with painting the outside of your home. We’ll answer any questions you have, suggest some colour options and put together a comprehensive and itemised quote so you know exactly what to expect.

Once you’ve had a chance to decide on colours, we’ll set out a clear schedule to get the work done quickly and efficiently to minimise the effect on your busy life.

Generally painting your siding or masonry will include:

  • Protection of your home and gardens – Preparation and painting can be messy so we’ll cover the ground, bushes and parts of your house that aren’t being painted to keep them that way
  • Thorough cleaning – For a long-lasting paint job, it’s an absolute must to start with a clean surface. This usually involves water blasting the outside of your home to remove dirt, cobwebs and any loose material and will help the paint adhere well
  • Excellent preparation – We won’t just paint over cracks, rotten wood or old flaky paint. Our guys pay excellent attention to the details when it comes to preparing your home to be painted to prevent water leakages, structural damage or premature paint failure
  • Priming and sealing – If necessary we will prime and seal raw timber or bricks to keep your home water-tight and ensure a long-lasting finish
  • Choice of quality paint brands – We’ll recommend the best type of paint for your siding or masonry and then let you choose from our range of quality paint brands you know and trust
  • Clean-up – We’ll remove all rubbish and tools from your home once we’re finished so you can enjoy your homes perfect new look

Your Freshly Painted Home

Upon completion, our QBCC supervisor will conduct a thorough quality inspection and then invite you to have a look over our work. If you’re not completely happy, let us know and we’ll make any necessary touch-ups before signing the job off as complete.

We’ll also leave you with a small tub of matching paint so you know you’ve got it on hand if you ever need it.

Rochele Painting