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Job Performed

Interior Painting, Water Damage Repair

Project Notes

Fiona lives in a beautiful 1930’s building with ornate ceilings. After one of South East Queensland’s infamous storms they were badly water damaged. The ceilings were left with ugly brown water staining and needed to be professional treated and painted to bring them back to their original glory.

One of our qualified estimators quoted the project quickly, so that the customer could organise their insurance claim without delay. Whilst onsite, our professional interior painters ensured that every care was taken with the clients possessions.

The customer on this job looks after chickens rescued from battery farms. Our painters showed care and understanding and ensured they were not flustered during the course of the job.

Video Transcript:

We had some storm damage in the Brisbane storm in 2014, and I have seen Rochele around. They have done some work for some friends of ours and we gave them a call after the storm.

They actually came out really quickly. They came out to quote on the property. They are used to working with storm damage ceilings. These ceilings are unique because they date back to the 1930s, which is when the building was built. There are frescos and they are all original. They were quite significantly damaged during the storm; they had a fair bit of water damage.

They did a fantastic job. The ceilings look better than when I bought the place 4 years ago. Really really happy with it.

We have chickens. They present a bit of a challenge for the job. Especially if the painters need to come in and out of the yard. But they did a fantastic job with the chickens and they were not flustered at all.

I would definitely recommend Rochele. They were on time, they were incredibly professional in the way they conducted themselves and they did a fantastic job.