Grand Spring Hill Terrace Townhouse Painting

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Spring Hill Brisbane, QLD 4000

Job Performed

Exterior Painting, Colour Consulting

Project Notes

In 1988 the terrace townhouses were built by a southern builder (David Tyler Constructions) who wanted to recreate the luxury townhouses that were more typical of Sydney and Melbourne. This Spring Hill Project was so grand that the lord mayor of the time Sally Anne Atkinson officially opened it on completion.

In keeping with the old world theme of the building and to add some theatre, she even arrived in a horse drawn carriage. The high quality of the painting workmanship and the exposure of the project put Rochele Painting on the map. Rocco Festa (the founding director) explains that “In some cases 6 coats of paint was applied to achieve a perfect finish”.

The current owners requested the original colour scheme and even got their hands on a copy of our original type writer produced colour schedule. Our colour consultant still played an important role as many of the original colours no longer existed and had to be precisely colour matched.

Our client had this to say about the end result “Everything went right. The painters were professional and handled the site access issues that are unique to the location, with out drama. The ongoing communication during the job was excellent also.” We have painted many iconic buildings since we were established in 1975 but the Spring Hill terrace townhouses would have to be one of the most memorable and rewarding.