Queenslander Painting Project


Norman Park QLD

Job Performed

Colour Consulting, Exterior Painting

Project Notes

This beautiful Queenslander home was transformed through a combination of professional colour consulting and our exterior residential painting team. This home once had a very monotone colour scheme. All the walls, trims and architectural features were white and therefore the true beauty of the building and its unique characteristics were not clearly defined. Our professional colour consultant work closely with the client to create a colour scheme that helped highlight the features of the home and create a more contemporary look and feel.

Our exterior residential painters did their part to repaint this property over summer in high heat and with unpredictable weather. Careful job programming and organisation were required to ensure the property received the very best care and attention. Queenslander homes are one of the more challenging property styles to paint. They often have more detail than a standard home and the age and height propose unique challenges. Our team of painters work their best to overcome any of these obstacles in the aim of transforming these iconic family homes.