Queenslander Home Painting Make-Over | Video Review


Norman Park Brisbane, QLD 4170

Job Performed

Colour Consulting & Exterior Painting

Project Notes

Rosemary has a beautiful Queenslander style home. Her property was in need of a professional paint job so she contacting Rochele and requested both colour consulting and exterior painting. The result was a wonderful transformation of her Queenslander home that has now left Rosemary wanting the interior of her home painted by the Rochele team.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Rosemary, and I am from Norman Park. We noticed that a lot a people were having their houses painted locally by Rochele. We used to see their red utes around so we thought, “Well we may as well get them in to give us a quote”. We got other quotes in as well but Rochele were definitely the best, they were the middle of the road which is always the best. Well, we got the colour consultant to help us and she was really great. She went through all the different colours, themes that we wanted to go for, the look; and we came up with these three colours which were great. The result was fantastic; it is better than what we expected. All the neighbours have been commenting on it. We have had people stop and ask us what colours we are using. The tradesmen were really prompt, friendly and reliable. We have already recommended them to other people, so hopefully Rochele will get some more work out of it. We love them so much we plan to get them back to paint our internals in a couple of months time.