A Rochele Painting’s Customer Story


Brisbane Inner City

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Interior Apartment Painting

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James’ Story:

Hear how James wanted to refresh his inner city unit and didn’t think he could find a tradie as particular as himself. Working as a graphic designer James has an eye for detail and he was a bit uncertain about letting an outsider come in and paint his home. However he was surprised at the care and effort the Rochele team demonstrated. He explains that he was the test subject within his family so now he is sure to recommend and refer Rochele to his friends and family.

Video Transcript:

The apartment was looking a little bit daggy and it was definitely time for a refresh. I had looked around at a variety of different painters and one of them stood out to me which was Rochele Painting. I reached out to them via email they sent someone out to look at the place and he did his low down and got back to me with a quote that was reasonable. I was getting a good vibe off them so thought I would give them a whirl. They gave me the quote and it was roughly a week or two later that they came on board. The process was painless and seamless, what I really enjoyed about it was I’m a real stickler for detail and I’m a bit of an OCD kind of guy and the gentleman they sent had a similar sort of detail to myself. He identified a bunch of different problems and kept me in the loop as we went along and he came, he saw and he conquered my apartment. Would I recommend them? Absolutely! It’s a bit of a no brainer, I know for a lot of people that picking a tradie for your apartment and your personal space can be a bit of an ominous task, but these guys really pulled through. I know that I’ll be using them again and I’m sure my family will be using them now seeing as how I’ve been the test run. Haven’t got anything bad to say, couldn’t be happier with the result. Easy, simple, hassle-free.

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Article by Samuel Festa