Holland Park Interior House Painting Video Review


Holland Park Brisbane - 4121

Job Performed

Interior Painting

Project Notes

Rebecca is a new mum that just wanted their house tidied up in Holland Park to create a pleasant space for her young family. She was amazed and surprised how easy Rochele Painting made the whole process.

Her project in Holland Park was quoted quickly, and she received an itemised quote to pick and choose what was most important to her. The job was scheduled in and around the family’s schedule and while the house remained fully furnished; part of what makes our job so rewarding is helping lovely families like Bec’s achieve the transformation they deserve.

Video Transcript:

It was really great. The minute we decided, “Ok, let’s paint”, I rang Rochele. And it was great, they sent a guy out to come and quote straight away and everything just seemed like, nothing was a problem.

It was great. I said “How soon can you paint”, because I was desperate to paint and they said, “We can have somebody here by Tuesday next week”, Monday was a public holiday. So we were very happy, it was just a no fuss experience.

It was good, they quoted on everything, they itemised, and we got to decide what we actually wanted painted and what we didn’t. It was easyp; I walked along and pointed, “What about the cupboards?”, “What about the wall?”, “What if I don’t want the wall?”. Sometimes I felt I should have reiterated what I wanted but it wasn’t a problem and then the next morning I had the email of the quote and itemised, it was amazing, very happy.

You wouldn’t believe the difference that a coat of paint has done to our home. So before we painted the baby’s room I wouldn’t even let her in there because it just didn’t feel very nice. A coat of paint and now she loves it. She has got her little toys, her table, her kitchen and I am happy not to be in there with her now. She loves playing in there and I am happy to let her play in there now.

Rochele just took care of everything, they took charge of everything. It was so easy I didn’t have to think about anything and that is the way I like it. We were recommended by friends and I would definitely recommend as well.