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The things we needed to think about were being close to the city, river and parkland. Thus this New Farm project required a lot of thought and planning from the outset. Given the sprawly shape and large size of the complex we consistently had 20 to 25 painters working onsite, which allowed us to complete the project in six weeks. This time scale was very quick for a complex of this size and far exceeded the expected time allocated for the New Farm project, in turn reducing any impact on the residents


Project Description

Due to the riverside location and surrounding parklands, gaining access to specific areas and working in and around the large gardens at River Galleries was a challenge. Some of the landscape was pruned, whilst other trees and bushes were tied back or netted to allow a continuous flow of work.

Access problems were the biggest challenge but our team resolved this problem by using a combination of methods, we used fixed and mobile scaffolding, harness and rope/abseil access, as well as boom lifts and cherry pickers to access all areas. The car parks were used as premium space, so we confined all of our equipment to just two underground car parks onsite.

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