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This Indooroopilly unit had a refresh by our interior unit painting team. The owner chose a nice white to keep the space clean and tidy. The all white colour scheme gives a sense of space and cleanliness. The project was completed with no hassle and the owner was ecstatic with the end result.


Customer Review

Video Transcript

I’m Linda and I live here with my husband at Indooroopilly. So we decided to paint the whole inside of our apartment. We have three bedrooms here and two bathrooms and the living area and we did approach it with some trepidation because it’s a smallish compact style of living. Well I’d heard of them and I’d seen their ads on TV and I immediately thought they would be too expensive but a friend of mine had used them and my husband contacted them and they came quite quickly and their price was really competitive. The team was absolutely wonderful because we were at close quarters and edging past each other most of the time but they had the foresight to know we needed a bed to sleep in each night so they made sure that that happened for us and that we could still go about our daily business as best we could. We weren’t stimmed in any way. They were very good at moving the furniture because it’s just the two of us so it was a bit tricky to be moving side boards and things and I have no idea how the dryer even comes off the wall but they did that, they moved the washing machine and then reattached all the pipes on the washing machine cos they do this all day every day so it was as quick as that for them. Well it’s brilliant its’ given a lift tot he whole place it looks fresh it looks new its a really wonderful finish that we’ve got from the boys and i just couldn’t be happier. Rochele provides some colour consultancy too and even though i just want white it was worthwhile having Michelle come out because she just looked and said you need white so we looked together and we’d actually come up with the same colour independently of each other so we had a nice chat she explained the process to us in more detail and it was really helpful to have her pop by. I absolutely would recommend Rochele. we had a little team it was the same team every day it was Markus, Harvey and Muhammad. And they were just here on time their work was checked someone from Rochele came out everyday and asked us if we were happy or had any problems and they just finished the job in record time and left everything spick and span when they left. It was great.

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