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Exterior House Painting Chapel Hill Brisbane

We painted the full exterior of this Chapel Hill residence within one week. It was a very straight forward project. Our client used our colour consulting service from Rochele Decorating which really made the transformation extra special.

The weather was on our side which made for a very smooth sailing environment and we were able to complete the job promptly but of course very professionally.


Project Description

This residential project we completed in Chapel Hill was such an incredible transformation. Whenever a colour change is involved it makes the painting project that bit more dramatic as the change is so noticeable and of course appreciated. The colours chosen really made this Chapel Hill house painting pop but also blend into its own environment.

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Customer Review

Video Transcript

My name is Husan and i live in chapel hill. So we got the exterior painted the previous colour was a yellowish colour and we just could not live with it anymore and we wanted a bit more of modern update and so we’ve chosen this colour scheme and I think it looks like a brand new house. The colour consultant we briefed them on the sort of look that we were looking for which was a modern look but also we wanted a little bit of ambiguity in the colours we didn’t want everyone to look at it and say oh yeah that’s clearly grey or that’s clearly white we actually wanted it to be a little bit ambiguous so people would look at it at certain times of the day and say oh yeah that looks white and then they would come by in the afternoon and they would think actually is that more of a grey and we like that sort of ambiguity. From start to finish the team was excellent and they informed us of what they were doing every step of the way the service was excellent right from the colour consultant all the way to the end and the final inspection as well i just felt the whole like i couldn’t fault them throughout the whole process. That was one really useful thing especially when I wasn’t at home or when I was busy working at home and I couldn’t come out and find out what was going on the timeline was really useful they’d give us an update they’d send an email you’d click on the link and it takes you to a separate page and that’s basically got where you’ve come from and where you are now and then obviously when they are coming back for another appointment and that was quite clever. I mean I was working from home but you barely notice that they were here they were always the team were very respectful even when I told them that they can just come in whenever they like they don’t need to knock they were always careful to double check to still knock yeah really really respectful team. I’d definitely recommend them. It was a testament to the quality of the work that the team did. Our neighbours were really impressed, they came across they wanted the same colour cos it looks so good. From start to finish I was really impressed with the whole process it was really professional I like their use of the technology as well and I think yeah the whole process was just really good and also when they cleaned up as well they did a really good job. You barely knew that they were here. Obviously we absolutely love the exterior job we won’t be choosing anyone else other than Rochele to do our interiors. Really excited about the magic that they will do indoors as they did outdoors.

Exterior House Painting Chapel Hill


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