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Interior House Painting Project In Albany Creek Brisbane

This Albany Creek residence was a pleasure to work on as the colour change really made a transformation. We conducted a full interior repaint over 3 weeks of this beloved family home and the owners were ecstatic with the result.

The colours went from natural timbers to painted white and olive green walls to a light grey. A noticeable feature was the staircase which really made a pop with the colour change. Included in the full interior repaint was some small carpentry repairs on the interior frames which we conducted for the owners.


Project Description

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House painting Albany Creek

This residential project in Albany Creek was entered into the Master Painter Awards and was a finalist for 2020 in the category of Interior Residential Painting Project. The stand out feature was the two-tone staircase which was transformed from a natural timber. The detail involved really made the staircase a wow factor.

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Customer Review

Video Transcript

My name is Peter Allen, I’ve been living here with my wife Jan for 25 years in Albany Creek in Brisbane and we love it. Previously, the house had all wooden features, all the doors were a dark greeny colour, the stairs were all wood, the balustrade were a dark wood, the kitchen was Tazzie oak and our children kept coming in and saying you gotta do something with this mum and dad its so old but we loved it. So we eventually bit the bullet and decided we would get someone in to give us some ideas that’s when Patrick that’s the guy who came and quoted it all and he went through saying what colours would work and I spent days painting bits of different coloured paint on the wall but Jan and I couldn’t get use to the light colour. We did the normal thing went through the different quotes we just found Patrick really good to talk to, he understand where we were coming from and didn’t’ know if we really wanted to make a big change. The pricing was fantastic and he just seemed to know what we wanted and understood when we said something he gave us a couple of other ideas on what if you went gloss or what if you didn’t do this but he didn’t actually tell us colours he just went along with us. Jan was really happy. About 5 weeks I think maybe a bit more. It was okay we just got use to them turning up every morning at 7:30. They would walk in and say how you are going and they would tell us what they are going to do today and they would just be painting away and we would talk to each other as they walked around and we had the music on and they sort of stayed out of our way and each evening when they left they would sort of say to us this is what we want to do tomorrow. They would move the furniture with us if we had to. A lot of the time we didn’t notice they were here. The timeline was great it was really easy to use and a lot of information. That was really could cos Jan could know, she’s running it, shes the boss, she would just look up every evening and Patrick would put up there where we were at what’s been done put a photo up of what use to be there and what’s there now and we knew he would be here at 2 pm that afternoon so you didn’t have to say, oh you got a question and ring him you just knew he was coming every day to have a talk. Oh living here now its like we went and bought a whole new house. If Jan was here she just walks around stops and just stares at different rooms and we both say to each other why did we wait so long we are just so happy because it just looks brand new. We were thinking of moving but now we’ve got our new home. We even painted the garage (laughing) so there you go I even got a new boys room. This is our garage and we were so happy with what they were doing inside the house with Rochele we said how about you fix up all the holes and dirt. It was just a crappy place to work and now I come out here and work and I’ve put up some of my favourite posters and just different things that makes it feel like my part of the house now cos it was just an absolute terror so repainted it looks great. Yeah very happy. Yeah I would recommend Rochele ,they are fantastic as I said the guys doing the job were just like there was someone from the family painting behind you. So very good. Go with Rochele.

Interior House Painting Albany Creek

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