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Savannah Hotel & Resort is a fabulous modern high-rise located in the heart of Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. This hotel remained in operation with high occupancy rates while our professional painters worked in and around residents and guests. To paint a building of this size and complexity we utilised a number of different types of painters and access methods.

Our commercial exterior painters tackled all the hotel balconies, fences and lower walls while our abseil painters tackled all the high access areas. The two teams worked in unison overseen by one of our QBCC licensed supervisor/ project managers. Rochele Painting kept in regular communication with the onsite managers and resident site contact to ensure the Broadbeach job ran smoothly.


Project Description

All high-rise painting projects have their hurdles. On this project it was painting the penthouse eaves and soffits which protrude beyond the balcony floor making access near impossible. An elevated work platform (EWP) with an enormous 60 metre reach was utilised for over a week to get the job done.

Savannah Hotel & Resort was a rewarding project that ran on time and on budget without incident thanks to our fantastic team of painters, access suppliers, paint manufacturers and management staff.

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