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Ken is a commercial property and business owner who gave us some tough timelines so that there would be minimal disruption to his cardboard factory. Rochele Painting managed to deliver a prompt and professional painting service that exceeded his expectations and turned Ken into another repeat customer.


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This is a commercial proper approximately fifteen hundred nearly sixteen hundred square metres. We renovated the building probably twelve years ago and it hasn’t been painted since then.

When I started looking around for painters, I knew Rochele Painters quite well, and firstly I contacted Kate for a colour consult; and she was fantastic. The colours she chose just blended in with the current streetscape.

Steve came out and did the quote. He was very prompt in getting back to us; I think it was next day. We didn’t actually need to do the job for about six months, but as far as I was concerned, there was only one decision to be made; and that was Rochele Painters.

Well, the business closes for two weeks at Christmas, and I was very keen in getting it done during that two weeks. They came on the Monday before New Years, I believe, and the first day they washed it all down, fixed the render where the render had chipped away. Next day came back and undercoated.

The quality of the finished work is exceptional. The re-rendering of the areas that were chipped has been good. The whole finish has been fantastic. We gave Rochele a very tough timeframe and they exceeded expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rochele. In fact, we have to do the inside of the building later this year and I am not going anywhere else.

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