Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Painting

Commercial Properties


Commercial Properties

Painting Rocksports in the Fortitude Valley was a lot of fun. The owner had a very clear creative vision. He worked with our colour consult to understand what colours would work best on a busy intersection to maximise the businesses exposure while still maintaining a clean look.

For any locals you may remember that this Fortitude Valley building was a faded yellow and the paint was peeling badly so we had to spend extra time on preparing the surface.

Painted brick is such a beautiful look it often surprises us that more home owners and business owners don’t request it more.


Project Description

Located on a busy thoroughfare on the cusp of Fortitude Valley and Brisbane City, Rocksports is a core venue for any avid indoor rockclimbers across south east Queensland.

This job consisted of extensive preparation prior to painting to ensure the bricks were in the best condition to begin prepping and painting. Our painters strategically used access equipment to map out the shapes prior to painting. Once the painting was ready to be done, our painters skillfully paint the brick of this building. Throughout the course of the job it was clear that painting the bricks was a brilliant choice.

The results speak for themselves. The building was taken from old and drab to cool and eye catching. The use of colours and geometric shapes helped to highlight the building’s new funky tone. Colour selection for this exterior painting project was done with the assistance of the talented colour consultants from Rochele Decorating. The consultant was able to listen to the client’s needs and provide a selection of colours to fit the scope.
This exterior painting project is still looking great and we look forward to helping the owner if he ever wants to repaint again down the track.

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