Body Corporate Painting Burleigh Heads (Koala Cove)

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Commercial Properties

Koala Cove was another successful body corporate painting project. Our painters were onsite for almost 6 weeks with 2-4 painters on site at a time. Our main access was via a mechanical boom. We used an extra large boom here to reach a lot further which saved the customer time and money. We also used mobile scaffolds in areas inaccessible by boom that we could move between areas rather than dismantle and rebuild.

Impact membrane was used on the render walls which is a superior product that has self cleaning properties which keep the building looking clean and fresh for a longer period. This also provides added protection given the unit complex is located at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

We also painted interior stairways using fixed scaffold and painting stairwells and other common areas is a wise choice when considering an exterior body corporate repaint.


Project Description

Koala Cove was an amazing body corporate painting project to work on as our body corporate painters were onsite for approximately 6 weeks so the transformation over this timeframe was not only satisfying but also very rewarding. Body corporate painting projects are always challenging as we are not just dealing with one owner but a group of owners who are working together to achieve a desired outcome. There are so many decisions required prior to our body corporate painters arriving onsite such as colour scheme, timing and scheduling.

This body corporate painting project ran very smoothly and the committee were a pleasure to work with. Using our colour consulting service made the colour scheme decision seamless and the end result was loved by all. Colours are such an individual preference so it can always be tricky when a committee have to all agree on the same colour scheme. We highly recommend using our colour consulting service for these situations as it helps the decision making process for the colour scheme that bit easier.

Access equipment was the other major component for this project. We are able to use all types of different access solutions from booms, ladders, scaffolding as well as abseil painting where anchor points are installed or existing anchor points are used. With body corporate painting access solutions are always a major component as they are large scale projects that usually have height involved. We are well versed with this type of situation and are flexible with what access solutions we can offer depending on the type of property and any access issues.

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