Body Corporate Painting Burleigh Heads (Burleigh Heads Apartments)

Body Corporate


Exterior House Painting

Burleigh Bay appartments overlook Burleigh Heads from a very nice vantage point. With its close proximity to the ocean, the salt in the air can cause issues if not monitored and maintained regularly and the timing was perfect for repainting.

All of the units residents owned their respective units and were all very approachable and made access for the painters a breeze. Three sides of this job were completed with a sizeable boom lift and some good operational skills.

The most challenging was the left aspect of the building. With little space and three tiers of concrete stairs this aspect was given to our accomplished team of rope access professionals. They installed permanent anchor points to the roof of the structure that can also be used for future maintenance, this made abseiling down the left aspect a standard procedure to prepare and paint for the team.

This Burleigh Heads project was an enjoyable one for all involved. A picturesque work site with an end result that reflected the beauty of this coastal area.


Project Description

A well planned and executed painting project will always mean all parties involved are happy with the process and end result. This particular body corporate painting in the Gold Coast was one of those projects. All residents were owner occupiers which made the decision making process and site contact a smooth communication experience but that aside this commercial painting in the Gold Coast was a stunning building to work on and the overall experience really enjoyable for all patrties involved.

We are able to execute a project of these size with any access requirements that suit the individual project. This one in particular required a few different access solutions and we were able to achieve this through sizeable boom lifts as well as abseil painting. Our professional abseil painting team installed anchor points to the roof of the building to allow them to carry out their abseil painting. These anchor points are then available to the body corporate to use for future maintenance whether that be painting, structural maintenance or even external cleaning. When the usual access equipment isn’t suitable then abseil painting is a great solution that allows us to scale the building and paint on ropes.

This stunning location on the Gold Coast made every day at work a thoroughly enjoyable one. The weather was on our side and our professional painting teams worked enthusiastically to ensure this stunning body corporate building had the outcome it very much deserved. With the building’s close proximity to the water it means it is open to the elements putting a strong importance on the paint coatings to the exterior as this is the first layer of defence against the harsh coastal conditions. It is really important to maintain a buildings paint when environmental factors come into play given its location.

We specialise in body corporate paining in the Gold Coast as well as helping commercial buildings solve access solutions to ensure their paint job is carried out the most efficient and cost effective way.

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