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Pre-Sale House Painting Service

by Ali |

Buyers spend more time than you would think staring at ceilings and walls and this is why we get so many enquiries about painting a property before it is put on the market for sale. Nick Kouparitsas from Ray White Ascot says: “during the purchasing process, buyers are often looking for things that might be wrong with a property such as stains from a leaky roof or cracks in walls from building movement.”
Painting your property before deciding to put it on the market is money well spent. It not only freshens up the property but also helps maximise its value. Nick says “A freshly painted property is often desired by potential buyers and is certainly worth the investment for sellers as it is reflected in the sale price and time on the market.”

At Rochele Painting we get numerous requests from customers to have their house painted prior to selling. Many people think they need to spend enormous amounts of money renovating before they sell. However, in the current market overcapitalising can often occur when a seller spends too much money on building works in a gamble to achieve a better sale price. In the current market a seller must be smart and spend money where they know they will get a return. Professional painting is an affordable and a sure way to get a better sale price on your property.

After 37 years in the industry we have seen enough DIY disasters to allow us to tell sellers not to attempt the painting project themselves. Selling a house is one of the most stressful experiences of peoples lives. Attempting to paint a property prior to a sale can often push people over the edge.

Stephen Brett our senior estimator says “I have met with customers who have attempted to paint their house prior to selling but have given up because of the difficulty and stress”. Read our DIY Painting article to understand the pitfalls of doing it yourself.

Many people think that painting is too expensive but in fact it it probably the most affordable trade in the industry. To learn more about what it costs to paint your house read our Painting Prices article.

Another benefit a seller gets when painting just prior to selling is that often we are painting once the furniture is removed. Painting a property bare of furnishings reduces the price of painting an interior, because it allows our painters to have uninterrupted access and therefore they are able to complete the job more quickly.

We have many options which we can help you with when it comes to a freshen up before selling your property and we work closely with the majority of real estate agents throughout SE Queensland to help clients achieve a paint job which will not only maximise buyers but also the value of the property.

Visit our House Painting page to learn more about our service.
Pre-Sale House Painting Service
If you are interested in having your property viewed with a free market appraisal or after a general chat about the property market in your area contact Nick Kouparitsas from Ray White Ascot on 0406 564 619 or email nick.kouparitsas@raywhite.com.