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Painting With Purpose

Painting with purpose is a community goodwill project created by Rochele Painting. We’ve committed to spending $30,000 (ex GST) per annum on painting projects that benefit people impacted by chronic illness or financial hardship. It is our belief that by adding a bit of colour to their living area or workplace it may brighten their lives and those around them.

Painting With Purpose


The initiative was born out of the realisation that our painting team are not “just painters” and Rochele Painting is not “just a painting company”. Together we are a community of people working hard to provide the best painting and decorating service we can for our customers.

We see the transformational power of what we do every day and would like to share painting happiness with members of our local community who need an act of generosity. Each year we ask for nominations of people facing challenging circumstances that need residential painting but can’t afford it due to difficulties in life.

Our pledge

Rochele Painting has pledged $30,000 ex GST per annum of free painting services. Goodwill funds are split across many projects across a calendar year. There is no minimum or maximum donation for nominees as each case is assessed individually. The painting services Rochele has committed to deliver to those in need include, but are not limited to:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Kids Rooms
  • Exterior Painting
  • Small Jobs Around The Home

All nominations submitted are handled and reviewed with care by the Painting With Purpose team. Due to the volume of submissions, some research will be undertaken to ensure that painting services are used for a cause that aligns with the spirit of this initiative.

Once approved, we will notify the recipient that they will receive free painting services.

Eligibility criteria

There are a number of ways to qualify for Rochele’s Painting With Purpose funds. Our goal is spread our pledge across as many projects as possible. That is why we have limited the eligibility criteria to:

  • property owners or tenants that can obtain written consent for painting to take place
  • have a chronic illness, or
  • are in severe financial hardship, or
  • have a compassionate ground

This guide explains how to access our support directly, or nominate someone you know facing these challenges in life.

How to apply

Simple. We ask that you email your nomination to purpose@rochelepainting.com.au.

Outlining in 1000 words or less:

  • the nominated person’s situation
  • what needs to be painted (e.g. Bedroom or bathroom etc.)
  • what impact it would make to the nominee’s life.

These nominations will be shared at our weekly office meetings and chosen as a team. Due to the volume of nominations at times, only successful recipients will be contacted. Although we truly appreciate all submissions we receive, and the stories of challenges that people face in our local community.

These nominations will be shared at our weekly office meetings and chosen as a team. We expect a lot of nominations and therefore will only contact those that are successful.