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Paint Yellowing Causes & Solutions

by Ali |

What is Yellowing?

Fading paint getting on your nerves? It is probably due to yellowing, when aging paint becomes most noticeable once the post-paint process has been complete and lighter colours become eventually darker. When using white or clear varnishes, the dried film of paint often develops into a pale yellow. This is due to the oxidation process, which is quite common if using oil-based paints.
In addition, the lack of adequate sunlight, such as behind pictures, appliances, and inside pantries or closets is where yellowing becomes most noticeable. This can become a problem if close to heat-emitting appliances, such as stoves, toasters, and heating ducts. To avoid the yellowing process, top quality latex paints should be used. These are guaranteed not to yellow, as well as non-yellowing varnish. Areas protected from sunlight should be exposed to windows or doors that can be opened and closed on a regular basis.
In summary, following these simple guidelines will ensure that post-paint issues such as yellowing are avoided, and high quality finish on your paint surface is achieved with satisfying results.